UNCSW67: Innovation and Technology in Land and Food Rights for African Women and Girls

As over 500 parallel events of the NGO CSW kicks off from the 6th to the 17th of March 2023, the Global African SHEROES Union (GASU) will also be utilizing the opportunity given to them by the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) to claim their pivotal place as a Glocal organization driving the interest of the global women of African descent.  GASU exists to protect the economic, social, political interest and upward mobility of African women and their communities. Our global membership is comprised of SHEROES Sisterhood Leaders and shop/company owners from 16 countries that represent the interest and will of African women in the country of their origin.

GASU is organizing an event on the 17th of March with its partners, stakeholders, in the interest of the general public on the theme Innovation and Technology in Land and Food Rights for African Women and Girls.  The program lined up for the UN CSW67 parallel event will have participants across the globe joining and will feature an intercultural panel discussion on solutions addressing poverty, food insecurity, clean water and sanitation, good health and well-being for Global African Women and Girls. The program will further explore the contributions and benefits of indigenous knowledge as a framework for capacity building in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.  GASU has invited their entire SHEROE Sisterhood network to also witness artistic and poetry performances as acknowledgment of the dire nature of these issues and expressions of innovation to inspire our women.

GASU supports the Permanent Forum of People of African Descent which aims both to highlight the contribution of people of African Descent to societies and strengthen national, regional and international cooperation to ensure the human rights of people of African descent are respected, promoted and fulfilled.

The side event of GASU has been sponsored by Iman Mahawa Sesay Drammeh of the Drammeh Institute and will be piloted by Madam Angela Sayles, International Host of the GASU, in partnership with Dr. Barryl Biekman of Tiye International and GASU Advisory Council Netherlands. The program will include contributions from members of the SHEROES network including Kimberly Poole, Founder Emeritus, CJ Dunford, Sheroes Kentucky and Southeast Region, Ade Olomo, Sheroes Ohio Region, Brittany Turner, Sheroes Houston, Texas Region, Gifty Pino Bonsu and Gifty Owusu of Sheroes Ghana and other special and esteemed guests.

Over the years SHEROES has maintained consistency and commitment under the leadership of its founder Kim Poole to the collective interest of understanding, empowering, supporting and improvingthe socio-economic conditions of African women and girls beyond their geographic location, religion, tribe and class in a sustainable manner.

GASU is extending an invitation to iconic African women, policy makers, and culture experts across the globe to participate and lend not only their voices, but their extensive wisdom in contributions towards finding pathways in accelerating the socio-cultural and financial conditions of women in the continent. For more information and to register and join GASU for the UNCSW67 parallel event please

visit  Global African Sheroes Union at Eventbrite.