Unity Programs

Financial Unity Programs 1.0

Financial Education Workshops

  • Get Your Money Right
  • Artpreneurship 101, 102 (Art and Business)
  • Tax Basics and Business Taxes
  • Bookkeeping Basics and Financial Reporting

Business Education Workshops

  • Executive Leadership SkillUP for Community Visionaries
  • Residential Project Leadership (RPL) Development


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Financial Unity Programs 2.0

Food Systems

  • Black Food Cooperative Developer and Educator
  • Agricultural and Food Supply Chain Ownership and Financial Sustainability advocate for Women
  • Value Added Foods Producer
  • Governance of Food Coop Collective Fund
  • Contributing Advisor on Local Food Eco System Transformation
  • Food Systems Research Facilitator


Financial Unity Programs 3.0

Equity Advocacy for Global African Women




Financial Unity Programs 4.0

Land Development


Financial Unity Programs 5.0

International Investment Matchmaking